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A few snap shots of the SIMAR M11 restoration.

I have now had an estimate for the work required to get the engine and magneto back to working order, it is a four figure sum (just). The engine is currently with Cox & Turner Engineering for rebuild. Good news is it can be repaired. The radiator has just been repaired by Raysen Radiators of Yeovil and thanfuly the core was OK. I really must get on with making new tin work and painting everything.

Update April 2010. work on the engine is progressing. Magneto rebuilt, new drive gear obtained and conrod sent away for new big end bearing to be made.

Looking on the British Pathe archive I found a clip that shows a similar machine working in 1925, very interesting and useful as it shows what the missing tin work should look like. Go to :- and enter 'The Horse a Thing of the Past Soon' in the search box. The film starts with views of various trucks for street cleaning then cuts to shots of the SIMAR working.

left. Before work started.


Now my eldest son is 14 at least I have an extra pair of hands to help

Alex getting to grips with removing the exhaust and carburetor. 14th September 2005. Engine cover and fuel tank already removed.

Radiator, magneto, carburetor and exhaust removed

Handle bar assembly and fuel tank brackets removed to reveal inside gearbox.

Close up of the gearbox, all looks to be in good condition. Oil is very thick, almost like liquid grease.


Cylinder removed to reveal piston.

The engine is seized but not due to piston being stuck in cylinder. It is either the crank seized (there are some brass fillings in the crankcase which does not look good), or a problem with the clutch or gearbox.

At Last!! Engine seperated from gearbox.