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A selection of photo's from my photo album.
I will include items of machinery from my own collection and other machines
that I have photographed at various rallies and shows.

1953 British SIMAR 35, built by Geo Monro, the only machine I have fully restored so far. 120 hours work to strip, clean paint and reassemble.

My trusty Series One. This vehicle is only 3 months younger than me. One careful previous owner and me. It is used regularly and during the show season tows the trailer with my garden machines in.

Another addition to my collection. A Land Rover 101, these were purpose built for the military in the mid 1970's, great fun but thirsty.

1959 MonroTiller series II. This machine belonged to my father and was the start of my collection.

above what I believe is a SIMAR 10, awaiting restoration.

My 1958 Monro Tiller series III. This is the machine I use on my vegatable plot.

This machine is a very early SIMAR dating from about 1920 and is going to take a long time to restore as a number of parts are missing.

Monro Tiller series 1. These were only built from March 1951 to December 1952. I have sold this machine to my brother as he needed something to replace his more modern but broken rotavator. 50 years old and still in use.

Trusty Tractor 1944, previously used at RAF Rudloe Manor nr Box. I have now sold this machine.

1955 Shay Rotogardener. This machine was originally owned by my wifes grandfather.

Trusty Earthquake, 1960's vintage.

1937 Swiss built SIMAR 30. Owned from new by Mr Lock and used at Hallow nurseries. Kindly donated to me by Mr Lock.

Ransomes MG 2, 1947. Bought via e-bay Dec 2005. Sold via e-bay March 2010.

Swiss built SIMAR 5. Date unknown (1930-1940?). Sold by Geo Monro who later built the British SIMAR under licence.

New addition to collection, a Barford Motor Hoe, bought from e-bay. Any information on this machine would be most welcome.

Me using my 1948 British SIMAR Rototiller s/n 560028, the 28th one made by Geo Monro.

Monro Tiller Series I with cutter bar. Only 1300 of this model were produced from March 1951 to Dec 1952.

Teagle Jet Tiller circa 1956-59. This picture shows it as found at the back of a barn, currently undergoing restoration.

Alex and David with their Barford Atoms