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Welcome To My Home Page

Here you will find a collection of photo's and other information about my hobby, collecting vintage garden machinery.
I live in the UK and have been actively collecting garden machines since 1990. Although my interest was probably started when I was very young.(see about me page)

The picture to the left shows me and the next generation of enthusiasts, my two sons, Alex and David
.The photo was taken alongside our Ransomes MG2 at a very wet Cooley Vintage Festival, Eire, in August 2007 where over 4000 tractors set the new world record for the most tractors working in the same field at the same time.

see http://www.cooleyvintagefestival.ie/ for full story and more photos.

Listing Site Updates
January 2012. ROTOTILLER transfer page added.

January 2011. I have now discovered what I thought was a SIMAR 10 in my collection is in fact an M11. See http://motoculteur-simar.fr/pages%20des%20machines/m11.html for details.